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6.170€ - 30.850€

new delhi, India

I am an active angel investor in India and US. I am a member of the India Angel Network in India and have invested in many IAN investments over the ...

Ámbitos de Especialización

1€ - 22.656€

Aberdeen, Reino Unido

Procurement and Supply Chain Management specialist

Ámbitos de Especialización

Process Improvement

879.315€ - 87.931.500€

singhampton, Canadá

I am a Canadian living in Panama and currently invested in 3 resort developments in the Turks and Caicos and Panama. I am constantly looking for ...

Ámbitos de Especialización

5.664€ - 56.641€

London, Reino Unido

Experienced Chartered Accountant and Finance Director currently on Board of a fast growing Internet Group.

Ámbitos de Especialización

25 years experience working with growing comp...

21.983€ - 175.863€

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Soy un inversor con experiencia en lanzamiento de nuevos negocios y gestión de empresas.

Ámbitos de Especialización

5.929€ - 59.291€

Auckland, Nueva Zelandia

An experienced commercial executive and business partner with extensive experience in global markets across the FMCG sectors of alcohol and dairy. I w...

Ámbitos de Especialización

I have a strong background in international t...

1€ - 879€

Washington, Estados Unidos

I am 50 years old and live with my wife in Washington DC. I have a BS Degree in Communication Media and started online investing in 2008. I am a b...

Ámbitos de Especialización

2.832€ - 113.282€

London, Reino Unido

A partner in 2 successful private equity internet companies. Derivative Futures Trader. Experienced Investor Fund Director.

Ámbitos de Especialización

Coordinating business development, account ma...

6.303€ - 157.572€

Sydney, Australia

I am an investment professional with prior experience as an entrepreneur. Looking to invest capital and expertise in the right businesses.

Ámbitos de Especialización

Investment Management

10€ - 200€

Craiova, Rumania

Over 30 years of banking experience with a solid economic training with a PhD in economics.

Ámbitos de Especialización

Banking, Financial and Advisory experience.

11.328€ - 1.132.816€

Manchester, Reino Unido

Semi retired businessman, with over 30 years experience in franchising and new product launching. Vast experience in fast-tracking an idea and tur...

Ámbitos de Especialización

1.133€ - 5.664.080€

London, Reino Unido

Self made investor looking for startups to invest into in the finance, law, renewables and Artificial Intelligence areas. Also would consider profita...

Ámbitos de Especialización

500€ - 10.000€

Dublin 18, Irlanda

Having studied business and law in university, I then completed a Masters in Finance. I have experience in the accounting profession and am looking ...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Business & Finance expertise. I would be wil...

6.170€ - 30.850€

Dubai, Emiratos Árabes Unidos

An Entrepreneur, a Technocrat and a Business Strategist with a passion for disruptive ideas that transform the human experience and create meaningful ...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Mentorship, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Marke...

630€ - 315.143€

Prospect, Australia

Professional Experience: American Property Sales to International and Australian Investors; Transportation Industry. Investment Experience: Australia...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Strong passion for property

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