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Martins Bank

North West, Reino Unido

Realise up to 12% returns over a short investment term with an entry level of just £25,000 backed by a guarantee from a renowned, owner-operator with an operational estate currently valued at of £537M GDV

2.200.000 €


28.000 €

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Glamp Mania

South East, Reino Unido

We intend to set up a glampsite in the Kent countryside and offer a stylish glamping experience with all the benefits of being 3.5 miles from hugely popular Canterbury, 4 miles from quaint and quirky Whitstable and still only an hour from London.

790.000 €


5.600 €

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Gym Food

Greater London, Reino Unido

Aiming to be THE health and fitness delivery brand in London, Gym Food is raising capital to expand its high protein, calorie-counted dishes to 3 additional sites across London.

390.000 €


1.100 €

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The Fairwood 226 (CLT)

Estados Unidos

Located in Charlotte, NC and in the "fastest growing corridor" in the country, The Fairwood 226 will offer a well balanced indoor/outdoor experience with a full array of beer, wine, liquor, and a kitchen that stays open until 2am.

520.000 €


17.000 €

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